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The Darton Spectra E is a compound bow produced by Darton Archery. This bow is designed for the recreational archer or beginner who is looking for an affordable, high-performance bow. The Spectra E features a single-cam system, which provides a smooth draw cycle and a consistent arrow release. The bow has an adjustable draw length, making it a great choice for archers with different draw lengths. The Spectra E is also equipped with Darton's dual-bridge riser design, which provides a stiffer structure, reducing bow torque and improving accuracy. This bow is well balanced and lightweight, making it easy to carry and handle in the field. Darton Archery is known for producing high-quality, affordable bows, and the Spectra E is one of their top models for beginner and recreational archers who are looking for a bow that is fast and accurate, without breaking the bank.

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