Archery Class/Team Info

Starting in September, J ‘n C Archery Team Practices will begin. There will be 3 teams, the Wolf Pack, Grizzly Team and Pups & Cubs Team.


The Grizzly Team has minimum score requirements to join. Score requirements are set for each Age Division and Equipment Class. The minimum scores are set so that when a shooter has committed time to practice and self-improvement, they will be able to hit the target scores for the team. This allows the focus to be on improving the shot/mental process, increasing effective hunting range, tournament score increases, and learning the tuning/technical process to get the most out of your equipment. Practice will take place twice per week. Registration Fee will include a Shooter Jersey. 65/mo TBA Reg Fee


The Wolf Pack is open to shooters ages 8+ who have attended classes at J ‘n C Archery before or have been approved during a private lesson or Beginners Class. Practices will include fundamental coaching, learning how to score, and lots of shooting. The goal for this class is to develop shooters to a point that they begin to understand the deeper concepts of archery and gain the drive to get better, whether it be to compete, hunt, or become the ultimate backyard shooter. Practice will take place once per week. Registration will include a personalized shirt. 50/mo 35 Reg Fee

There will be days that both teams practice together to build community and offer mentor-ship for the Wolf Pack. I truly believe that when an archer begins to teach, they learn as much if not more than they did the entire time they were the student. This will also give the Wolf Pack and opportunity to learn from someone else who is coaching the same thing, but who may say it differently. We all learn differently and we want to teach accordingly. Students will be able to move up the Grizzly Team at any time, given that score requirements are met.

The Pups & Cubs Team is open to shooters ages 4-7. This team will be structured to accommodate our youngest shooters. Shooters will learn basic fundamentals, learn range etiquette, and pop lots and lots of balloons. Practice will take place one per week. Registration will include a J ‘n C t-shirt.

40/mo 25 Reg Fee


Weekly Schedule:


Tuesday- Pups & Cubs 3:30-4

 Grizzly Team 5-6:30


Thursday- Grizzly Team 4:55-6:25

 Wolf Pack 6:30-7:30


 LEAGUE NIGHT starts @ 8p

Any students currently enrolled in classes may come in at any time to shoot scoring rounds at no cost.

Please call 806-282-9540 or come by the shop if you have any questions regarding classes or score requirements.